Our Story

Our Story 

Hi, I’m Georgia Harris.  I’ve been sewing since I was six or seven.  My mom let me use her old Singer machine without power. I had to hand crank the wheel.  I started out making clothing for my troll dolls and the cats.  The cats didn’t like it much.  I’ve been sewing ever since.

My husband Steve and I are in the process of retiring from our career jobs and decided to transition our hobby and craft activities into a retirement business.  We were taking our time, making items, planning our website, marketing strategies, legally setting up the company, signing up for some craft fairs and then…BAM!  COVID-19.   

A few years ago, I started doing charity sewing, making children’s surgical caps, preemie angel wraps and face masks for a hospital on Long Island where we used to live.  We moved to Tennessee in July 2019.

When things escalated with the virus we started making face masks for family members.  Two of my husbands nieces and a sister-in-law work in emergency rooms on Long Island.  I talked to them and they needed masks at both hospitals. So I started making face masks for healthcare workers on Long Island. 

Then the CDC recommended that everyone wear them in public I started to get a lot of messages from friends who wanted to buy them.  I hesitated to do this because I feared I would appear as an opportunist.  That’s not my gig. I saw makers on Etsy who had doubled and tripled their prices overnight for face masks and it made me sick.  So, my partner in crime convinced me to jump in and help.  That's how we got in the face mask business.

We've been busy making face masks since then but now we're getting back to our original business plan.  I missed making handbags.  We'll keep selling face masks as long as people want them.  We're happy we were able to help a lot of people but we're getting back to our handmade business. 

Thanks for visiting, thanks for your business, and let us know if there's anything we can do for you!

Steve & Georgia Harris
New Market Crafters
1948 Nances Ferry Rd.
New Market, TN